Following a road while changing directions, repeating rites while renewing gestures, reinvesting energy while maturing experiences, gathering techniques while sowing evolution. There are new generations, new productive languages and new languages in the Langhe region. English, Macedonian, Japanese, Norwegian, German, Maghrebian: voices and faces from the world that animate the Langhe trails, the vineyards and the cellars together with the people that have been in this land forever, devoting to understand it and loving its generosity as well as its harshness.

A duchess in Alba, a count in Grinzane, nobles, marquises and lots of farmers, wine and land ambassadors. Noblemen and commoners of the beloved wine which preserves the art of waiting vintners are experts in among its scents. The choice of the territory, the evaluation of the exposure and the selection of the varietals are however, the very essentials of the wine creation process. Years that pass while observing Nature, planning, caring and learning that no project, care or observation can grasp the essence and the magic. The hands of the vintner are great but the wine vitality is still greater.

Vintage, vinification and aging plus soft presses, stainless steel vats, temperature controlled installations and French oak casks. Glass is the material that, in the shape of a bottle or goblet, contains a message that, with the help of Portughese cork, arrives intact in every country to say "Langhe": a thin but intense connecting line that travels along thousands of miles and links years of work to the passion of many. There is a land that moves towards the market and worldly vintners who after months in the fields take to fly though tied to their roots.

We are that land. If you would like to meet us, come visit our winery but if you want to know more about us just rely on one of our 250,000 bottles: Barbaresco Vanotu, Barbaresco Tulin, Barbaresco Nubiola, Dolcetto (Munfrina and Augenta), Barbera (Piani and Tulin), Nebbiolo, Long Now, Freisa, Favorita and Moscato will tell you about the physical and chemical characteristics of the 38 hectares we grow vine in at a short distance from Alba, in the districts of Treiso, Neive, Barbaresco and Neviglie. They will also speak about the personality of the three main varietals we have been growing for two generations: Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. They will speak pure Piedmontese, with reminiscences from The Balkans, Norway, North Africa, Japan…