Long Now

Nebbiolo, Barbera and time: similarity and assonance inside a red Langhe DOC wine of innovative conception, of which the 02010 vintage observes its first decennial. The name of the wine is taken from the name of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit entity based in San Francisco and created by a group of men of science and intellect, to which Stewart Brand and the artist Brian Eno belong.

After moving to the United States and having noticed that in London the word "Now" had a broader significance than in New York, Eno decided to name Long Now the foundation which, starting with the expansion of the concept of time, encourages and supports long term responsibility by means of cultural interventions and projects.

One of these is The Long Now Clock, a clock powered by the changes of seasons which advances one click every year, strikes every millennium and is designed to mark time for 10,000 years. While waiting for construction of this monument to farsightedness which will be installed in a Texas mountain, thanks to the involvement of Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, one can admire the first prototype at the Science Museum of London and a portion of its spectacular dial is visible on the label of the Long Now wine.

Pelissero has captured the concepts and the spirit of the American foundation to reaffirm the importance of the long time a red wine with ageing potential needs in the vineyard, in the cellar and in the bottle.

Long Now: time in a bottle.

Long Now Project